Artist's Statement

All of my life I recall an intense interest in art and imagery in all its forms. Whether the art is a painting, a vase, a box, a home or a piece of furniture, art comes in a multitude of forms and shapes. Artists also come in a multitude of forms, shapes and unique talents.

Art provides us with a unique opportunity to examine the most basic elements of ourselves and our thinking, our origins.

Art, in its many unique forms, offers us a mirror into which we can look and find ourselves. We may like a piece of art. We may not. Art gives us the opportunity to ask, why? Why do I like “it”? Why don’t I like “it”?

We often become attached to the false notion that when we view an artwork, we should somehow concern ourselves with what the artist was thinking or feeling or believing at the time the artwork was executed. We think that perhaps understanding the artist’s intent or desires or life may reveal something to us that we aren’t able to process on our own.

I disagree.

When I am in the process of creating a new work, the process is intensely personal and unique. I explore myself during this process. I may have any number of thoughts or emotions. My mind may wander backward into my life or forward into what I project my life to become, perhaps even something intense at that specific moment. My experiences and my imagination may simply crisscross in unpredictable ways that intersect or diverge, and then bring my work to conclusion. This is a personal process; no one can or should imagine to possibly understand the complexity of my thoughts and desires while I am in the midst of creating.

I don’t intend that they should.

Experiencing art should be a process that is yours exclusively. Allow art to be your mirror. Ask questions; explore your feelings, your desires. Make art a part of your world, own it, own the experience. Indulge in the unique opportunity that art gives to us by its ability to elicit our emotions. Listen to your inner voice, without influence, to the revelations the artist, through their unique work, has given you to explore.